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AMD Cleanup Utility Download (Latest V1.0.0.1) Free For Windows

AMD Cleanup Utility
App Name AMD Cleanup Utility
Latest Version v1.0.0.1
Last Updated 14 June 2023
Publisher AMD
Requirements Android Windows
Size 1.8MB
5/5 Rating (2)

Hi, the viewer. We have another fantastic software for your computers it is AMD cleanup utility. You can see all the details you need to know about AMD drivers. If you want to put Radeon graphic card and have installed it, this is not enough to access your graphic card. You need to know how to install and update AMD drivers as well.

It is intended to help the user work with his AMD files, registries, and driver. It allows users to install, remove and update AMD systematically. Here, you can do AMD cleanup utility download and enjoy your graphics to the full extent. On our Website, you can download it in significantly less time and that too very easily. AMD Utility is usually the most common software used for installing and uninstalling routines.

We know most of you face the problem of uninstalling, updating, or repairing your system drivers. It may not be easy because it requires a little bit of technical knowledge. Therefore, AMD thought about you and developed this cleanup utility of AMD that lets you uninstall or remove previously installed driver files effectively and efficiently.

AMD Cleanup Utility

AMD cleanup utility does the following things: it removes AMD displays and audio drivers and also components of AMD software. Still, these components do not include AMD chipset drivers such as GPIO, USB, SATA, etc. Therefore, this unique software helps you make your system ready and perfect to install any driver. In addition, it ensures the successful installation of the drivers you need for your system.

It is mainly helpful when the in-built uninstall option from the control panel program and features are not working correctly and do not allow you to do what you want to do with your drivers, like update or uninstall. AMD is the most helpful thing when it comes to the updating process. Updating drivers is the most needed thing for your system to work correctly. You can also use the AMD Auto-Detect utility in your PC Windows.

The cleanup process depends on how much cleaning you want to do in your system, and accordingly, it may take 20-25 minutes to complete the whole process. You must wait for the complete update to be finished else you may face any problems. It is a very user-friendly software; if you face any issue while executing it, you can recover the system to its prior state and do it again.

Features Of AMD Clean-Up Utility

You need to download AMD cleanup utility software in your system for normal installation/uninstall routine work. AMD has the following features that will show you its importance. These features are as follows.

  • Allows you to carry out your updating process easily.
  • It gives you easy ways to install and install your previous drivers.
  • Ensure the successful installation of drivers.
  • It prevents file conflicts that may corrupt the installation process.
  • Remove all the previous drivers efficiently.
  • It supports all AMD hardware.
  • Improves the performance of your system by removing unwanted files and drivers.
  • It saves your time by automatically finding all the useless drivers and files. 

AMD Cleanup Utility Download For Windows

Before downloading, make sure your system consists of Windows 7 or above versions. It is only workable in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 & Windows 11. These versions have slightly different ways to work and different uninstall and install drivers. Most of the time, you need to contact or access the device manager, which will help you handle the process, and after that, the AMD cleanup utility is the best that works.

The download button is right below; you can download the extension file easily by clicking on it. You must download it in AMD cleanup utility safe mode, which means closing all the other programs and rebooting the system. After successfully downloading the software, you have to take further actions to make it work properly.

First, go to the location where you have downloaded the file and open the exe. File. When you will open it dialogue box may appear asking you to reboot your system. You have to click on the YES button, and it will automatically reboot your system in a safe mood.

FAQs About AMD Cleanup Software

Why should I download AMD Cleanup?

You should download it because it is the safest and easiest software to install/uninstall, remove, and update drivers. Another important reason is that it is free cleaning software. There is much other software, but this is the most common software used by everyone. All of you using PCs must update the utilities and drivers on your devices regularly, and for this purpose, you need this software.

Is AMD good compared with other software?

Yes, it is good compared to other software because most people prefer AMD, and the popularity of any software tells you how much it is good to use. Different software has lengthy and complex procedures to download, and after downloading, they are challenging to work with. However, this software is free and friendly for its user.

Why does the AMD cleanup utility show a black screen?

You don’t need to panic if your system goes black while using this software. It usually happens when you uninstall your previous drivers. The uninstallation process is not complicated, but your screen might get black for a few seconds when you click to uninstall. Just wait for a few moments, and afterward, your process will go automatically.

Why is the AMD cleanup utility not working?

It might be possible that your system is not using the latest windows version or is not updated version. It works only on Windows 7 and above. If you see this issue while having these versions, you can download the file again and try safe mode.


This page briefly explains downloading and installing the AMD cleanup utility. All the features that tell you the importance of this software have been shown to you. Keeping in mind that the program is free and has an easy interface for the user, we highly recommend you download it and make your computers work more efficiently.

You can download it from here, and if you face any difficulty, you can contact us. In addition, many other AMD drivers and software are available on our Website for our visitors, such as AMD Catalyst, AMD Network Adapter, and AMD Radeon Software.

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